Get the CARE and SUPPORT you need to navigate the fourth trimester as a NEW MOM

What can I do to enjoy the 4th trimester together with my baby?

  • You don't look like you and possibly shocked at your still-protruding belly.
  • Your baby is not latching, you're experiencing painful feeding or lack of milk production  
  • You are sore and probably hurting from stitches after a vaginal tear or c-section
  •  You are sleep deprived and irritable
  • You are a rookie and feel so clueless
  • You feel all ALONE

Being a new mom can be extremely difficult . You have so many questions about you, worrying about your baby and how you can cope with the responsibility of your new role.

Would you love to join a private support group that will ease your transition into motherhood?

Where you can:

  •  Get professional advice from EXPERT EDUCATORS 
  •  Get practical parenting skills classes
  •   Share experiences, advice, encouragement, and coping strategies with other mothers in a safe environment
  •   Receive peer support and advice from mothers who have been through the same challenges you are currently  experiencing
  •  Build the necessary skills that would help you cope with the responsibilities of a new mom  
  • Above all, the host for the private support group is a Peadiatric Nurse Practitioner

Join us at 

the PB Moms Exclusive Circle

Helping new mothers ease into motherhood. 

Hey mama! I'm Ann, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and host for the PregnancyBeyond Moms Exclusive Circle.

Being a mom? Is HARD!

As much as a supportive partner or spouse, food from friends and neighbors and advice from your own parents can ease the strain, I believe all new moms need a support network of women who are experiencing the same adjustments and struggles. 

I'm proud to be a member of the PB Moms Exclusive Circle and here is what you gain when you join the family:

  • A safe environment where you can swap parenting stories and share unfiltered chat with other moms in our thriving, close-knit group
  • Workshops and trainings from professionals, expert educators, and facilitators.
  • Peer support 
  • Professional advice 
  • Practical parenting classes 

It takes a Village!

I see you trying to wing it alone, mama!

It is okay if you feel like you might need some extra help and support right now.

Mama, there is plenty of support available to you. You don't have to struggle with the worries of being a new mom! 

In our private community, we talk, help, share, cry, learn, love, guide, support, and EDUCATE. We built a VILLAGE.

...because we know how hard it can be trying to work things out alone.

You don't want to miss the WORKSHOPS lined up for the comings weeks:   

Baby Sleep Program

Not getting the quality sleep you need can have a negative impact on your mental health.

The session with a certified sleep specialist will include :

  • How you can work with your baby's circadian rhythm to establish great napping patterns.
  • How to easily settle your baby to sleep.
  • Advice on how to set up your baby’s sleep environment
  • The importance of a bedtime routine and how to implement a successful one
  • How to achieve longer chunks of uninterrupted night sleep.
  • The perfect daily nap and feed schedule for your little one.
  • How to understand your baby’s sleep needs and how to help them sleep peacefully in their own cot

Colicky Baby 101

Wondering how to cope with a crying or colicky baby? The session with a child psychotherapist

will include:

  •  What is Colic
  • The causes of colic 
  • How to prevent the witching hour
  • Best ways to comfort and calm your baby.
  • The solution to baby reflux
  • Practical tips to soothe your crying baby
  • Lactose intolerance in babies
  • Best sleeping position for a colicky baby

Breastfeeding Support

Because we know breastfeeding can be

difficult, the session with the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant will include:

  • How to initiate milk supply
  • What to do if your baby won't latch
  • The best way to avoid breast engorgement
  • Common breastfeeding problem and how to fix them 

There will a lot of room for questions and answers.

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Previous Expert Sessions

Birth Control After Baby and Side Effects.

Session covered:

  •  Hormonal v Non hormonal birth control. 
  • Pros & Cons of the different types of birth control. 
  • Contraindications for moms who are breastfeeding 
  • Postpartum Recovery After Vaginal Birth. 

What to Expect Postpartum: Healing Diastasis Recti, Prolapse and the Pelvic Floor.

Session covered:

  • How your breath is your superpower (relationship of diaphragm to pelvic floor)
  • How to reduce your likelihood of postpartum diastasis recti by proactively training the deep abdominals.
  • Proactive and safe exercise strategies.
  • Tips for a healthier pelvic floor (how to keep intensity, but create lower impact workouts)

Postpartum Recovery After Vaginal Birth. 

Session covered:

  • Bleeding and  postpartum hemorrhage 
  • Healing time and recovery from pain and stitches, 
  • breast changes after pregnancy 

Treating Postpartum infection and pain in the perineal area

Session covered: 

  • Common signs and symptoms of most infections to look out for.
  • 4 common postpartum infections: 1. UTI, 2. Endometritis, 3. Surgical scar infection, 4. Mastitis.
  • Things to consider while pregnant to help reduce the risk of infection and pelvic pain.
  • Home relief for pelvic pain.

Save $50 when you join the yearly option.

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Get Instant Access To The PB Moms Exclusive Circle!

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The PB Moms Exclusive Circle aims to help new mother ease into motherhood

Here’s what being in our community will do for you:

1. Save you hours of unguided thoughts
2. Connect you with mothers in the same motherhood stage as you.
3. Help reduce stress with the support derived from group participation. 
4. Help improve your parenting skills with practical advice and information.
5. Developing a clearer understanding of what to expect in the fourth trimester 

6. Join a community of like minded moms for support and fr

What you GET

  • Expert led bi-monthly workshops/ trainings
  • A network of support through our close-knit community where you can interact with other mothers


Is the PB Moms Circle for new moms only?

While our content is particularly geared at helping new moms, we welcome mothers at every stage of motherhood. Pregnant? You should join the community as there is a lot of practical tips that would help you in preparation for your new role as a mother. 

How is this different from other mom groups?

At PregnancyBeyond, we work closely with OB/GYN, midwives, doctors, IBCLC, pediatricians, child development specialists, parenting experts and many other field specialists, ensuring that the educational content and workshops provided in the PB Moms Exclusive Circle are accurate, reliable and of good quality.

Our contents are based on real solutions for mothers and are proven to provide support and great comfort in a safe space.

Furthemore, the host for the PB Moms Exclusive Circle is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

What is a typical workshop/ training like?

Workshops and trainings happen twice monthly via a virtual conference platform. Trainings are expert-led and there is a lot of room for questions & answers. Questions can be sent in anonymously.

How do I get access to the conversations?

Discussions at The PB Moms Exclusive circle will be managed by coordinators. You will be expected to join the Telegram group and the secret Facebook group as that is where discussions will happen.

Are there are rules for group participation?

We have some basic chat rules we ask everyone to follow in order to keep our community the friendly, welcoming and supportive place that everybody loves. 

We have guidelines to address issues such as confidentiality and how peers can behave respectfully towards each other.

Do you protect anonymity?

We have rules about keeping what you hear and read  in our community private. If you wish to remain anonymous,  you can send your questions to the coordinator for posting. 

I'm seeking immediate medical advice. Can you help me?

If you have a problem that requires immediate medical attention, please contact your healthcare provider. Remember that the PB Moms Exclusive Circle isn't a substitute for regular medical care.

Ready to join the family?

Go ahead and get your seat.

Lock in this great offer while you still can!

Remember here is what the PB Moms Exclusive Circle is:

  • A group where we focus on learning and practicing specific parenting skills
  • Where you learn skills to give your baby a happier start to life
  • A place where others in the group will listen non judgmentally
  • A safe and supportive environment, where we share our strength and expertise with other through peer support
  • Where you receive expert and qualified guidance from professionals


PregnancyBeyond is a leading digital resource for pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting information.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have built with parents over the years. For over 6 years we have brought you the latest information and inspiration in our mission to celebrate, inspire and empower you in your journey through motherhood.

We serve up trusted advice. Our team works closely with OB/GYN, midwives, doctors, IBCLC, pediatricians, child development specialists, parenting experts, and many other field specialists, ensuring that the educational content and workshops provided in the PB Moms Exclusive Circle are accurate, reliable, and of good quality.

We are committed to helping new mothers ease into motherhood and we have created The PB Moms Exclusive Circle specially for you.

If you are looking for a private community of mothers, supporting each other through acceptance, empowerment, and the shared experience of motherhood, then you are at the right place.

Click on the JOIN NOW button below to gain access to the PB Moms Exclusive Circle. 


If you do not want to continue, feel free to cancel your membership. But we know you will love it and stay with us, we are that sure!

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